Everything You Need to Know About Using Amazon Product Images on Your Affiliate Website

by Jay Kang | Posted on May 16th, 2023
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Your affiliate marketing journey is about to get easier. The secret? Amazon product images. These images are not just visually appealing; they’re a crucial tool for promoting products and services on your website. But using them requires an understanding of Amazon’s rules and regulations to stay compliant and maintain a successful affiliate website.

Can You Use Amazon Product Images on an Affiliate Website?

The short answer is yes. As an Amazon Associate, you can use product images on your affiliate website. But it’s not as straightforward as copy-pasting images. You must use Amazon’s API or SiteStripe to obtain these images.

Let’s walk through the terms and conditions of using Amazon’s product images:

  • You can use the images exclusively for promoting products and services on Amazon’s website.
  • You cannot modify the images or use them to imply Amazon’s endorsement or sponsorship. For instance, adding “Amazon’s Favorite” to a product image is prohibited.

Why is Amazon so strict about this? It’s to protect customers from being misled. It also helps Amazon retain control over the images, ensuring that if a product’s design changes, your audience sees the update immediately.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Using Amazon Product Images

As with any tool, using Amazon product images effectively requires a certain level of skill and knowledge. Here are a few key guidelines to keep in mind:

  1. DO use Amazon product images to enhance your product reviews and listings.
  2. DON’T modify Amazon product images in any way. This includes cropping, adding text overlays, or changing colors.
  3. DO provide a clear and prominent disclosure that you’re an Amazon affiliate. Amazon requires this, and so does the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).
  4. DON’T imply Amazon’s endorsement or sponsorship of your site or the products you promote.
  5. DO stay updated with Amazon’s terms of service. They can and do change, and it’s your responsibility to comply with the latest rules.

How to Add Amazon Product Images to Your Site

You’ve familiarized yourself with Amazon’s rules, so what’s next? Let’s explore how to add these images to your site using SiteStripe and the ProductReview.Tools plugin.

Add Amazon Images With SiteStripe

SiteStripe is a handy tool for Amazon Associates. It lets you get product links and images directly from the product’s Amazon sales page.

Here’s how to use it:

  1. Sign up for the Amazon Associates program if you haven’t already.
  2. Navigate your account settings and click on “Associates SiteStripe Options.”
  3. Enable “Display Status.” SiteStripe will appear when you visit Amazon product pages.
  4. On the product page, click the “Image” link in the “Get Link” section of SiteStripe.
  5. Paste the generated HTML code anywhere in your blog posts.

Add Amazon Images With ProductReview.Tools

ProductReview.Tools is an affiliate plugin that makes adding Amazon product images to your website a breeze. Here’s a quick run-through:

  1. ProductReview.Tools automatically pulls the Amazon image, title, and price.
  2. Go to your blog post, insert a ProductReview.Tools shortcode and that’s it

It automatically turns this:

[pr box="B08FXD5SNC"]

into this:

[pr box=”B08FXD5SNC”]

The beauty of ProductReview.Tools is its ability to create engaging product Displays, with descriptions, titles, prices, pros and cons, and more. It also tracks all your link locations across your website, making changes or product swaps incredibly straightforward. And all of it, is totally customizable.

Other Options for Affiliate Product Images

Besides using SiteStripe or ProductReview.Tools, you could purchase the products you recommend and take your own images. While this is a more authentic approach, it’s crucial to remember that linking your own images to Amazon’s pages does not comply with their rules.

Other options like adding Amazon link URLs to your site or uploading the images directly could jeopardize your Amazon Associate account. We highly recommend sticking to the approved methods.

Amazon Affiliate Product Image FAQs

This section addresses some of the common questions about using Amazon product images on an affiliate website.

  • Can I use any Amazon product image on my niche site? No, you can only use the product images that Amazon provides through their API or SiteStripe feature.
  • Can I use Amazon photos for affiliate links? Yes, as long as you get the image through SiteStripe or the Product Advertising API
  • Can I alter the product images? No, Amazon does not allow any alteration of the product images.
  • Can I use Amazon logos on my website? Yes, but only the logos that Amazon provides for Associates use.

Final Thoughts

When used correctly, Amazon product images can significantly enhance the look of your affiliate website and encourage more click-throughs. But it’s crucial to abide by Amazon’s terms and conditions to avoid losing your Associates account. Always use approved methods to obtain images, and never modify them or imply Amazon’s endorsement.

Knowing how to use Amazon product images effectively is just a piece of the affiliate marketing puzzle. The more you understand about this versatile platform, the better equipped you’ll be to drive traffic and generate sales. So keep learning, testing, and iterating. Your affiliate marketing success story is just around the corner!

Jay Kang

Jay Kang, entrepreneur and SEO expert, is the driving force behind innovative platforms like linkilo.co and seorankserp.com. His latest creation, ProductReview.Tools, provides affiliate marketers with a powerful WordPress plugin for crafting high-converting reviews. Committed to empowering marketers, Jay continues to make a positive impact in the digital marketing space.