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Create stunning product displays, increase conversions, and boost your affiliate sales.

Turn shortcode into stunning displays

[pr box="B002A8JO1Q" changetitle="Add Your Own Title Or From Amazon" button2=""]<ul>
          <li>Add Your Own Description</li>
          <li>Automatically Retrieve Amazon Description</li>
          <li>Add Multiple or Limit the Character Limit</li>
[pr box=”B002A8JO1Q” changetitle=”Add Your Own Title Or From Amazon” button2=”″]

  • Add Your Own Description
  • Automatically Retrieve Amazon Description
  • Add Multiple or Limit the Character Limit


Why Choose Our Affiliate Product WordPress Plugin?

Elevate your affiliate marketing game with, the all-in-one tool for creating captivating product reviews, comparison tables, and eye-catching product boxes. Our WordPress plugin empowers you to supercharge your commission earnings and take your affiliate marketing to new heights.

Designed with simplicity in mind, our plugin enables you to effortlessly craft professional-looking content that resonates with your audience and drives sales. Whether you’re a seasoned affiliate marketer or just starting out, provides the perfect toolkit to maximize your affiliate marketing success.

Unlock the Potential of Your Affiliate Website with these Powerful Features:

Our Features

Amazon Associates product API integration
Multiple Star Ratings Styles or upload your own
8 Different Pros & Cons Designs for you to choose from
Table Boxes
Amazon Associates One Link Localization
Broken Affiliate Link – Coming Soon
Google Analytics Integration – Coming Soon
Blazing fast loading that doesn’t hinder your site speed

Build fast comparison tables and affiliate product boxes in seconds

All of our blocks are made for affiliate and product review sites

Only one plugin focuses on helping you increase your sales and not your site’s speed performance. No more bloat and no more plugins needed!

Product Box
Custom title & description
Custom Button Text
2nd Button
3rd-5th Button

All you need is the ASIN number and automatically generate all the information inside the product box

[pr box=”B002A8JO1Q”]

Add your own title inside the product box

[pr box=”B002A8JO1Q” changetitle=”Merkur Mk34c Double Edge Razor”]

Add custom title, custom description if you don’t want Amazon information to automatically provide that input

[pr box=”B002A8JO1Q” changetitle=”Merkur Mk34c Double Edge Razor” adddescription=”Add your own description”]

While global button text will be applied, if you want to optimize your primary affiliate product, then you can add your own button text

[pr box=”B002A8JO1Q” changebuttontext=”OPTIMIZE YOUR CTA”]

Google now wants multiple product links to each product, so your readers have helpful options and alternatives to purchasing your product recommendations. You can add as many

[pr box=”B002A8JO1Q” button2=”″]

Have different affiliate programs and places for your readers to buy from? You can add up to 5 custom buttons, and design each globally.

[pr box=”B002A8JO1Q” button2=”″ button3=”″ button4=”″ button5=”″]

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Grind Settings: 16
[tb fields=”B0000AR7SY” value=”rating” rating=”5.9″][tb fields = “B00WLI5E3M” value = “button” ][tb fields = “B00WLI5E3M” value = “button2″ button2=””]
[tb fields=”B0161Q2RUM” value=”ribbon” ribbon=”2nd Pick”]
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[tb fields=”B0000AR7SY” value=”rating” rating=”4.5″][tb fields = “B0161Q2RUM” value = “button” changebuttontext1=”CHECK PRICE”]

Our plugin is not just for Amazon Associates!

Our affiliate WordPress plugin allows you to create in-depth product reviews boxes & tables

Increase conversions and your affiliate earnings easily!

With our easy-to-use interface, you can add affiliate links and product information and even include comparison tables to help your readers make informed purchasing decisions.

Our plugin also includes built-in schema markup, ensuring that your reviews will stand out in search engine results.

Some of the key features of our plugin include the following:

  • Easy-to-use interface for creating product reviews
  • Ability to add affiliate links and product information
  • Comparison tables to help readers make informed decisions
  • Built-in schema markup for better search engine visibility
  • Customizable templates for a professional look and feel

Try our affiliate product review plugin today and start earning more from your affiliate marketing efforts.

Download now and start creating affiliate product reviews that convert!

Product Reviews WordPress Plugin Demo

This shows you just how easy it is to use our plugin for your affiliate website

Annual Pricing Options


$97 $77
/ yearly
Unlimited Product/Table Creation
Gutenberg Blocks
$247 $197
/ yearly
Unlimited Product/Table Creation
Gutenberg Blocks

20 Sites

$497 $397
/ yearly
Unlimited Product/Table Creation
Gutenberg Blocks


$897 $797
/ yearly
Unlimited Product/Table Creation
Gutenberg Blocks

Have a Question?

Do you provide a trial period?

You have 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our WordPress plugin, you can request a money-back.

Does it work with any other site besides WordPress?

No, other competitors like provides product tables, etc for sites that are not WordPress. We wanted to bring the cost down as much as possible via WordPress versus SaaS.

Will this work with Amazon only?

This works with Amazon, and you can add your own affiliate link from Walmart, Best Buy, and more! Although with Amazon, all you need is an ASIN, other affiliate products need your affiliate link to work.

Do you provide geo-location?

Yes, however, if you signed up for but not, you won’t get a commission. So you will need to sign up for all locations and add your tracking ID in order for you to get compensated for those geo-targeted affiliate sales.

Does ProductReview.Tools work with page builders?

Yes, we use shortcodes for our functions. You will need to be able to add shortcode via your page builder of choice.

Does ProductReview.Tools slow down my website?

No, we’ve created the most lightweight solution possible. Compared to other affiliate plugins, we don’t have a ton of excess CSS that you might not need.

Do I need to renew my license for the plugin to work?

The license renewal is required for the plugin updates and support. As for the function of the plugin, it will still work; you just won’t receive any new updates and features in the future.

Can I purchase a plan and upgrade later?

Yes you can upgrade anytime, you just pay the prorated differences.