Product Box Two

The Ultimate Solution for Optimal Product Showcase!

Sick of tedious product box design? Meet Product Box Two. With our intuitive editor and simple shortcodes, creating stunning boxes for Amazon and affiliate products is a breeze.

Customize everything from size to button text for an on-brand, conversion-boosting look. Elevate your sales game with Product Box Two.

Don’t waste another minute on ineffective product showcasing – transform your sales game with Product Box Two today!

Normal Layout

[pr box_two=”B0000AR7SY”][/pr]

The shortcode:

[pr box_two="B0000AR7SY"]

Add Up to 5 Buttons

[pr box_two=”B0000AR7SY” button2=”″ button3=”” button4=”” button5=””][/pr]

The shortcode:

[pr box_two="B0000AR7SY" button2="" button3=""  button4=""  button5=""]

You can change color for each button, hover color, size, padding, margin, add customized icons, upload your own icons and more

Add Custom Titles

[pr box_two=”B0000AR7SY” changetitle=”My product name”][/pr]

The shortcode:

[pr box_two="B0000AR7SY" changetitle="My product name"]

Add Custom Description

[pr box_two=”B0000AR7SY” button2=”″ button3=””]

  • Sandalwood
  • Lavendar
  • 3.3 ounces

  • [/pr]

    The shortcode:

    [pr box_two="B0000AR7SY" button2="" button3=""]