How-to customize the output for Product Boxes


Using a custom title

[pr box="ASIN" changetitle="here"]

It will look like this:

[pr box=”B002A8JO1Q” changetitle=”here”]

Using a custom description text

[pr box="ASIN" adddescription="here"]

[pr box=”B002A8JO1Q” adddescription=”here”]

Using a custom HTML description

[pr box="ASIN"]

[pr box=”B001ASOD86″]

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Milk


Using a custom button text

[pr box="ASIN" changebuttontext="here"]

[pr box=”B002A8JO1Q” changebuttontext=”here”]

Adding another (detail) button

You can add up to 5 buttons for each product box, all you have to do is enable them in the Product Box setting and add the shortcode:

[pr box="ASIN" button2=""]

[pr box=”B002A8JO1Q” button2=””]

[pr box="ASIN" button3=""]

[pr box=”B002A8JO1Q” button3=””]

[pr box="ASIN" button4=""]

[pr box=”B002A8JO1Q” button4=””]

[pr box="ASIN" button4=""]

[pr box=”B002A8JO1Q” button4=””]

Adding URL and Button Text for each button

[pr box="ASIN" button4="" changebuttontext4="here"]

[pr box=”B002A8JO1Q” button4=”” changebuttontext4=”here”]

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How-to customize the output for Product Boxes

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